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Donation Request Form

Thank you for your donation request. Here at Trek Stores Scouth Carolina we do our best to respond to all inquires as soon as possible...please understand that due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive through, there may be a short delay in our response.  Please take a moment to fill out our Donation Request Form.

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Date by which your donation is needed:* Donations require at least 60 days to process*
Has the Trek Store Scouth Carolina donated to your cause/organization before:* If so, what was donated? When?*
Give a brief history of your cause/organization:*
Describe your cause/organization's current goals and/or mission:*
List past and present projects and tasks that you have personally been involved in with your cause/organization:*
List at least one past or present project that your cause/organization has been involved with in the Upstate Area:*
How would a donation from the Trek Store South Carolina benefit your cause/organization:*
How would a donation benefit the Trek Store South Carolina:*
What impact does your cause/organization have on the greater Upstate area:*
What relationship does your cause/organization have with the cycling community:*
What aspects about the Trek Store South Carolna made you request a donation:*
What are your plans if the Trek Store South Caolina is unable to donate to your cause/organization at this time:*

Note: * indicates required information.