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Swamp Rabbit Trail (Videos & Garmin record)

The Swamp Rabbit Trail

Filmed and GPS recorded by: Trek Store South Carolina - Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson


  1. There are NO detours at this time.
East Faris to Woodland Way
Woodland Way to Cleveland Park Dr (Greenville Zoo)
Cleveland Park Dr (Greenville Zoo) to S. Church St. (Falls Park)
S. Church St (Falls Park) to S. Academy St (Linky Stone Park)
S. Academy St (Linky Stone Park) to Willard St
Willard St to E. Bramlett Rd
E. Bramlett Rd to W. Washington St
W. Washington St to Hampton Ave
Hampton Ave to W. Blue Ridge Dr 
W. Blue Ridge Dr to Sulphur Springs Rd

 Sulphur Springs Rd to Watkins Bridge Rd
Watkins Bridge Rd to Duncan Chapel Rd
 Duncan Chapel Rd (over Old Roe Ford) to Roe Ford Rd

Roe Ford Rd (Under W Duncan) to Old Buncombe Rd

Old Buncombe Rd (over Edwards St) to Roe Rd

Roe Rd (over Old Buncombe Rd 2 times & over Church St 2 times) to McElhaney Rd
McElhaney Rd (over Main St) to Henderson Dr
 Henderson Dr to Tolar Rd
Tolar Rd to Williams Rd
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At this time there are NO detours. The late-winter detours of Woodland Way in Cleveland Park as well as Bramlett Rd have been completed.

Editors note:
One spot I should mention is the metal grate foot bridge that crosses the Reedy River between the Church street and Cleveland St Bridges. Riding your bicycle across this foot bridge is unsafe, at best. You should always walk across when the bridge is wet.The metal grate is slick on the surface and sharp on the edges. It's also VERY loud to ride across and it scares the willies out of pedestrians. So be courteous, be smart, and be safe by simply taking the time to walk your bicycle across and continuing your ride on the other side.







Confusing turn under S. Academy St. Bridge:
The only confusing part of The Swamp Rabbit Trail is under the S. Academy St. Bridge next to Linkey Park. Although there is a Swamp Rabbit Trail logo/medallion on the sidewalk inside the park near the foot bridge that crosses the river, THE SWAMP RABBIT TRAIL DOES NOT GO THROUGH LINKEY PARK. The trail takes a sharp turn DIRECTLY under the bridge and continues under the bridge for a short distance.

We hope this map will help make your ride on the trail more fun and FAR LESS AGGRAVATING.

Swamp Rabbit Trail Maps:
The good people at Greenville County Parks and Recreation have made maps available for free download.
Full trail system map here: Greenville County Trail System
Swamp Rabbit Trail map here: Swamp Rabbit Trail maps (to download the PDF file, click the map section you want)

Photo Gallery:
Greenville County Parks & Recreation has posted a great photo gallery here: Photo Gallery & Virtual Tour

Police Monitoring Cyclist Speed on Swamp Rabbit Trail:
There is no bicycle speed limit law passed as of yet, however, it is being monitored by law enforcement and riding faster than 20mph is not tolerated. There are 2 motorcycle officers, 4 bicycle officers, and 8 patrol car officers assigned to respond to emergencies on the trail. Please help everyone who rides on the Swamp Rabbit Trail by riding responsibly. Bicycle computers (calculate speed, distance, avg speed, etc) can be purchased at any of our 3 locations starting around $25 - $30.
WYFF News Channel 4 video here:


Before you and your family head out for a day of fun on the trail be sure you know the rules & etiquette, detours, and the lay of the land.

1. Bicycles must not exceed 20mph.
2. Bicyclist must yield to slower moving trail users (which means we slow down, stop or even pull over at trail intersections)
3. Bicycles must stay off rubberized trail surfaces.
4. Bicycles should be equipped with a bell, horn, or warning sound device for pedestrian safety. Remember, your bike is ALMOST SILENT when moving which means pedestrians, children and pets cannot hear your approach. Always try to be courteous and friendly. Public opinion is so important here, after all, if we scare them while on the trails then they probably won't hesitate to scare us when we're riding on the roads and they're driving up behind us in their Dodge 2500 Cummins diesel truck. Let's treat others like they're our neighbors and friends... after all, they ARE our neighbors and our friends.
5. Travel on the right hand side of trail & pass pedestrians/other trail users on left ONLY AFTER they know you are planning to pass them.
6. Move off trail to talk on your phone and with your riding partners, or to adjust/repair your bike.
There are more rules like keeping your bike on the trail and staying off private property, no motorized vehicles etc. Here is a video and written list of : Rules and Etiquette from the City of Greenville Parks and Recreation Services.