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Fants Grove
Anderson & Pickens, SC

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The Run Down:

  • Slow speeds (narrow trails cause average speeds of between 5 to 10mph)
  • Gradual hills/climbs
  • Not many rocks or roots (in comparison to, say, Croft State Natural Area/South Side in Spartanburg or Paris Mtn in Greenville)
  • Several creek crossings (rarely deeper than ankle deep)

Trail Obsticles:

  • Sand patches (1 to 3 inches deep)
  • Deep mud (4 to 8 inches deep, churned up by horse hooves after rain) 
  • Occasional limbs/small trees across path (can usually be dragged off path)

     Fants Grove is located on the eastern shore of Lake Hartwell in South Carolina. The land is leased by Clemson University and is on the county line of Anderson & Pickens.

     Roughly 99%+ of the trails are open to mountain bikes. Watch out for numerous horses/horse back riders and remember to yield to them. The only trail closed to mtn bikes is located to the south east of the park near trail markers C-7,8, & 9.

     Most of what you will experience on these trails is gradual elevation changes. These trails are best suited for bikers who are looking for peaceful rides along lakes and streams and for novices just getting started, as there are few obsticles and few hills. These riders will find these trails have far less rocks and roots than do other parks in the upstate. These trails are not good for high speeds as they are generally narrow with thick fallen leaf coverage just off trail. The trails are usually about a handle bar's width and sometimes wide enough for another biker to pass.

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