Trek Precision Fitting Services

Insure Your Bike Fits You Properly

The absolute best way to truly enjoy your new bicycle and ensure maximum comfort and efficiency is to let our professionally trained personnel correctly adjust every aspect of your bike to correspond to your body and needs. With professional fit stations in each of our stores, we can spend time with you on your bike, one on one, to ensure the anatomical and mechanical aspects of your bicycle interface properly with your body.


Free Correct Fit For All Customers

The Trek Stores South Carolina feels all customers, regardless of the price of the bike you are planning to purchase, deserve to receive an accurately sized bike for your enjoyment.  At some stores, you are simply asked to stand over a couple of bikes and size is merely "eyeballed" for fit.  This seldom results in a proper fit.

At the Trek Stores South Carolina, we use our own specially designed fitting system to pair our customers with the correct bike and the correct fit. This is a free service to all of our customers.  We want you to enjoy the sport of cycling.

Additional Fit Services We Offer

Want to increase power, comfort, and efficiency when riding your bike?

Sore neck and back, knee pain, uncomfortable saddle - all can be signs of an improper bike fit.  Anyone who rides a bike, from recreational to competitive, needs a proper bike fitting.  A bike that fits correctly is not only a blast to ride, it is essential for optimum comfort and efficient power transfer to the pedals.


Bike Fit Evaluation: We offer a Free Bike Fit Evaluation on your existing bike, this is the first step to determine what we can do to improve your position on the bike.

Cost: Free

New Bike Fitting: This is offered to every new bike purchased. We will make minor adjustments to saddle height, the saddle fore and aft. position, check reach and stack height.  

Cost: Free

Trek Precision Fit: Certified bike fit specialists will dial in your perfect fit for ultimate performance and comfort.

Cost: $150.00 

Email or call us to make an appointment.


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